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From Tap to Bottled Water YouTube video


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Uploaded by BottledWaterMatters on Jun 23, 2011

When people say bottled water is just tap water in a bottle, they don't realize the complex process of turning municipal water into a packaged drink. Watch this video to go behind the scenes and look at the many steps involved in further purifying tap water before it gets bottled. The steps include pre-filtering, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ozonation and adding minerals for taste. The process is also carefully monitored and tested for quality and safety. As you watch, you can decide for yourself if it's just "tap water in a bottle." If you learned something from this video, remember to give us a thumbs up before you share it with your friends! Music courtesy of www.royaltyfreemusiclibrary.com. Check out our website at www.bottledwatermatters.com

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