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About Us

Drawing on over 60 years of design and engineering experience, Zephyr Fluid Solutions focuses on addressing the unique requirements of the Bottled Water and Beverage industries. Our mission is to create functional and creative storage, dispensing, merchandising and recycling solutions for home, office and institutional customers, in an organized and aesthetically appealing manner.

Zephyr Fluid Solutions understands the retail challenges of beverage containers. In our products, we strive to reflect the quality of our customers. We make products that are environmentally responsible and aesthetically appealing, yet behind the attractive appearance, our systems are rugged and durable - designed to handle heavy weight requirements while withstanding high-traffic retailing environments.

Self-service merchandising solutions stimulate traffic with the physical presentation of our products and displays, maximizing shopper conversion. We help promote brand recognition by leveraging creative graphic display opportunities. Our products are modular in design to allow retailers of different sizes and requirements to customize displays to meet their varying needs while promoting a simple and effective shopping experience for the consumer.

The accompanying pages show a representation of the water bottle rack and return bin products we can provide to you. Choose from a variety of our 5 gallon water bottle racks including 3 tier bottle stands, 8, 12 16 and 24 bottle racks, 36 full bottle heavy duty steel shelf unit, also - electronic bar code receipt producing 5 gallon water bottle return bins, and hot/cold water cooler dispensers. Click on a product for more details or contact us for more information, and to discuss a solution that meets your needs.

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